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Barbuda Museum Residency

The Barbuda Museum Residency program invites international artists working with ideas pertaining to diaspora, cultural identity, Carribean history and environmental issues such as climate change to submit proposals to come work in Barbuda for one, two and three month periods. The residency provides accommodation and workspace at the Barbuda Archaeological Research Center which is located in Barbuda’s capital, Cordington Village. For those selected, the residency will culminate with an exhibition at the Barbuda Museum, including a small exhibition catalogue created for the museum archives.

Frank Feeley
About The Author

Frank Feeley

I am an archaeologist and graduate student at the City University of New York (CUNY) - Graduate Center. In particular I'm a zooarchaeologist - an archaeologist that studies animal bones - and my research focuses on early commercial fishing in Iceland. My other interests include stone tool technologies in the Caribbean.

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