Goodday my name is Wakida  Kyla Joseph. I am 15 years old and also a forth form student of the  Sir Mc chesney Secondary School. As a participant of the GPS + camera project i have learned alot more about barbuda and have used the infomation in a goodway. Well along with our teacher Ms. Maggie Morrison my classmates and i studied about “how has  the mangrove of barbuda changed over time” with that in mind we interviewed people from community, take photo, and actually got indealing with the mangroves. the project lasted 2 weeks and throughout i have learned, have fun and really enjoy the time spent with my teacher ( Ms. morrison). Now i am apart of the  feild school along with some unversity  students from the CUNY ( City Unversity Of New York )namely: Dexter, Saleema, reaksha, Erica, Darya, Amy, Dene’, Sant Muhk, Dan, Sarah, Mr. Mussington along with my 8 classmates. My main focus for this two weeks session was to test the water quality of the wells here in Barbuda, basically we were seperated into 5 groups, rotating around ourselve, and i was part of 3 out of the 5. Throughout this session i have learned alot i have reached a point that i nearly thought i couldn’t go the success is amazing. for the last week i work with the professor Dr. becky Boger with the soil testing. i had fun throughout this whole session and thanks to everyone, to Dr. Sophia i really appreciated the loving feeling she gave to me and heartfull oppurtunity to learn. thank you guys so Much!!!!!!!!!!

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Dan McGovern is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research interests include the role of education in community-based climate change adaptation, Education for Sustainability, Place-Based Education, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Education in Emergencies, connections between Sustainability and Conflict, and community-based monitoring and research.

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