Hi our names are Michael D’Souza, Jahrocker Russell and Tsekani Mussington, plus we are in the GPS +Camera Project, we are a group of College Students and students from the Sir Mc Chesney George Secondary school in Barbuda studying places by taking pictures and GPS points to state their uses, locations and features. There are also another task which is GIS Field school where we work on computers and talk about Historical and modern places about their uses before, now and their locations. In the GPS +Camera Project we took pictures and GPS points of Historical sites such as the Government House, Castle Hill, Ginnery, Ponds ( Duck Pond, Low Pond), Village Wall and all the Wells. When finishing with taking pictures and GPS Points we then work on making a map of Barbuda and putting on all the different historical places and sites and state their locations, features and their uses before and now. There are different groups which presented their projects about the sites where they had work on, all the groups including our group had presented well. The Sir Mc Chesney George Secondary School Biology Students including us had been identifying the different types of Mangroves (Red Mangrove, Black Mangrove, White Mangrove and Buttonwood) to demonstrate their uses, features and locations. It was two students for each Mangrove. First of all we would like to thank GOD for giving us the knowledge, strength and understanding plus we would also like to say thanks Ms. Morrison, Dan Mc Govern, our principal Mr. John Mussington and all the help of the college student we thank you. Last but not less we would like to give a big round of applause to all of the professors for all their hard work  we thank you once again.

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Dan McGovern is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research interests include the role of education in community-based climate change adaptation, Education for Sustainability, Place-Based Education, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Education in Emergencies, connections between Sustainability and Conflict, and community-based monitoring and research.

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