In the 2012 GPS+Camera Pilot Project, students at Sir McChesney George Secondary School conducted original research on the broad theme “How has Codrington Village changed over time?” in Biology, Geography and Social Studies. Each group produced a 10-15 minute video describing their research methodologies and findings and this is the last of the three videos

In Biology students carried out an ecological survey of th emangroves, guided by the research question, “How have the mangroves of Barbuda Changed over time?”  The students conducted site visits where they collected information about the mangroves to create a mangrove field guide.  They then recorded a video field guide to explain the characteristics and importance of the mangroves to Barbuda’s ecosystem and livelyhood.  The students also began collecting environmental data by taking water samples.

The Biology team was made up of Wakida Joseph, Ciana Baltimore, Mitzey Yearwood, Dekela George, Michael Desouza, Jahrocker Russell, Kahanic Shillingford, Sanchezca Charles and Adonia Henry.

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Maggie Morrison is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University and a Physical Science teacher in New York City. Her research interests include Education for Sustainability, Place-Based Education, Community Based Participatory Research and Conflict Resolution.

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