In the 2012 GPS+Camera Pilot Project, students at Sir McChesney George Secondary School conducted original research on the broad theme “how has Codrington Village changed over time?” in Biology, Geography and Social Studies. Each group produced a 10-15 minute video describing their research methodologies and findings. A new video will be posted each Monday in July.

In Geography, students researched Codrington Castle (one of Codrington Village’s oldest buildings) by conducting site visits, interviewing elders and archaeologists, interpreting artifacts, and examining primary sources. Students assessed the reliability of their sources using a 5 point reliability scale and cross-checked their sources to make and support hypotheses about the Castle’s layout between 1800 and its destruction at the turn of the century.

The Geography team was made up of Aalayiah Collins, Shammah Ryan, Shaquille Haniff, Jahleel Punter, Shonda Potter, Shaznie Beazer, and Nelcleesha Thomas.

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Dan McGovern is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research interests include the role of education in community-based climate change adaptation, Education for Sustainability, Place-Based Education, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Education in Emergencies, connections between Sustainability and Conflict, and community-based monitoring and research.

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