I have a wonderful story from Antigua that I wanted to share.

Two days ago the director of HERC, Dr. Sophia Perdikaris, was walking along a pier in the town of Saint John’s, along with Dr. Becky Boger, when they saw a very young female puppy desperately swimming in the bay and heading out to sea. In a move which is totally characteristic of our fearless director, Sophia immediately jumped off of the pier and into the water to rescue to the struggling pup. They brought the dog to a vet who said that aside from fleas and some minor injuries she was in good health.

Dr. Becky Boger with the rescued puppy

Dr. Becky Boger with the rescued puppy.

Becky has adopted the dog and I’m sure she’ll have a great life back in New York. The puppy is about 10 weeks old and looks like a Doberman mix. Despite her harrowing ordeal the puppy is eating well and is loaded with energy.

We can add this dog to the long list of animals rescued by Sophia. On the islands of Antigua and Barbuda alone this list includes a goat, a horse, two dogs (one she brought home with her) and numerous lizards! As I write this my own rescue dog is curled up on the couch next me. I know I echo many others when I thank Sophia for taking a big risk by jumping into a busy bay (this is where the cruise ships dock) and thank you to Becky for taking in a pup in need. This world is a better place because of people like them and I know at least one puppy that would wholeheartedly agree with me.

Frank Feeley
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Frank Feeley

I am an archaeologist and graduate student at the City University of New York (CUNY) - Graduate Center. In particular I'm a zooarchaeologist - an archaeologist that studies animal bones - and my research focuses on early commercial fishing in Iceland. My other interests include stone tool technologies in the Caribbean.

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